Bishop David Oyedepo has unveiled 100,000 capacity Faith Theatre Auditorium

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Living Faith Church President Bishop David Oyedepo has unveils Winners Chapel 100,000 Seater Faith Theatre auditorium.

The said platform was designed by the Covenant University and spans on 1000 acres of land. This was unveiled at the Shiloh 2015 Liberation Night yesterday December 11, 2015.

It is said to be the new Canaan City and can contain over 100, 000 (one hundred thousand capacity) beating the 50, 000 capacity currently held by the church as the largest church auditorium in the world.

The features of this new Faith Theatre 100000 auditorium includes:

– Prayer Booths
– The Nations
– Baptism Pool
– Twin Tower (12 story building) for the International office.
– Worship Centre (100, 000 seater)
– Dominion Bookstore
– Wofbi (3,000 capacity)
– An Audio/Visual Theatre
Shopping Mall
– Food Court
– Rotating Altar
– 100% Fully Air-conditioned.

It has been declared a place of surgical solution to all man’s problems & a generational monument to the Glory of God.

Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel also disclosed that the World Council of churches will make it a meeting point.

Bishop David Oyedepo has also disclosed that, the wealth of the body of Christ in this end-time will humble the world.

In attendance were also top Pastors and Bishops of the world. Bishop Oyedepo disclosed that a revival is coming and that in the year 2016, every member of the church and those attached to this ministry will experience celebration every 3 months interval.

A 5min clip animation of the 100,000 sitter auditorium was unveiled with everyone member of the church left stunned at the massiveness of the theater-like auditorium with fully Air-conditioned.

A 10,000 children church right inside the same building will also mean, you can pick up your kids and wards while walking out of the church at the same time.

The church currently has an attendance average of over 400,000 before Shiloh 2015 and this new structure will ease the burden on the already fully functional 50,000 Faith Tabernacle.

Faith Theatre is a Reality!!!

From Glory to Glory!!

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