Airtel Openly Shades MTN In Latest Ad [MUST SEE]

Written by PeterPiper

Mobile telecommunications have come a long way in Nigeria.

Even though there’s often heated debate on the quality of service by the different networks, we can all agree that we have been entertained by the competition between them; clearly evident in the way of commercials.

These have been by visuals, sounds and hilarious innuendos they often place in their ads. It’s nothing new to see a certain network throwing subtle shades about how poorly the next network is, in comparison to theirs.

However, in a new campaign by Airtel, advertizing greater value for its customers when they recharge their lines, subtlety is lost. They hit their rival, MTN, hard.

See below:

Clearly, we all know that to recharge airtime on MTN, you use *555*PIN*. But here, Airtel tells us we can get more value for every time we load up our Airtel lines using that same code.

And also there’s the MTN yellow being dominated by a red hat, showing how much Airtel’s got their customers covered.


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