‘Real Reasons I Didn’t Add ‘Dot Com” – NSCDC Chief

After his Gaffe on National TV, the Lagos State NSCDC Commandant, Mr Obafaiye Shem, who was interviewed on Channels Television and couldn’t tell his organisation’s website, has immediately issued a statement in his defense, saying his “reluctance to put ‘dot.com‘ at the end of the website was totally intentional and not regretted”
In his statement, he says he “intentionally shied away from using the dot com”, as it sounded S3xual, in fact, too S3xual to be uttered on “Live TV”. He also said the presence of a Woman on the panel made him “too uncomfortable to say the word ‘com’, a H0monym of ‘Cvm’ as it would have been embarassing for her”
In an exclusive Telephone chat , he further said:
“Look, i did not want to embarass myself by saying such dirty word. There was a woman there, how would i have sounded? I am a man of high moral standing…….if you think i’m telling lie, ask MY OGA AT THE TOP. That Is All”
Meanwhile, GEJ has just watched a recording of the interview, and has set up a committee to find out the real Website of the NSCDC.

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