[GIST] Which Benue entertainer got the best stage performance?

For me, i like eye six one cos they perform as a group and they r a combination of good music and professional dancing, and they perform with their spirit, soul and body, you will agree with me that their choreography and stage management is always seamless and mind blowing.

Other artists grab d microphone and move their lips without saying anything tangible, its totally different with Eye Six One
 I also like to watch Star Boi Soulz because he raps with a million-dollar voice and when he steps on stage, his new school swagg and his awesome sense of dressing got the fans going. He’s young and extremely talented

 And lastly the multi-award winning comedian, Pastor Nicodemus, more creative than any comedian in the industry, steps on stage and gives his all to comedy, he’s audio clip you would agree with me reflects how creative he gets on stage and he knows the right costume for every performance. Switching from school boy, to celestial priest and then taekwando outfit.

what do you think?

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