D’Banj Finally Explains Why He Always Wears 2 Wristwatches At The Same Time!

D’Banj explained, in a very recent interview with HipTv, why he usually wears two watches at the same time, all the time these days.
A style Davido and Naeto C have also copied.

D’Banj said:

No time to check time.
Actually, it’s cos I’m too busy, you know, always on the move, you know, one time is on Nigeria, the other is on New York.
So that Kanye West is not calling me and I’m like ‘yo, who’s this?’, you know, I’m always on check!
So I leave it at 2 time zones, that what’s up! They are gold anyway.

How cool is that, guys?
Watch the short interview after the cut

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