“My B00bs Are Better Than Nicki Minaj’s Own” – AfroCandy

Nigerian born P0rn actress, Judith Mazagwu, (AfroCandy), is not happy with the way people are making ‘noise’ over the Brea5t exposure of American singer, Nicki Minaj, claiming that she has better and bigger Brea5ts. The 42 years old controversial actress and producer, who love basking in the limelight, bared her mind in one of her Facebook post some minutes ago. See what AfroCandy, a mother of two grown-up daughters had to say: “Nicki Minaj bares her B00bs in new photo? Na today? I been there, done that and mine are all natural, no surgery, no silicon. They all mine and if you wanna see them without the stars, go get a copy of my new movie Destructive Instinct’ and enjoy your eyes. So, it’s not a biggy ok!” Please Nigerians, what advise do you have for this woman?


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