Mc Smart comes for Dan Onjeh for making a misguided comment against David Mark

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I read an article in an online media about an unguided statement made by Dan Onjeh attacking the People’s Democratic Party presidential  hopeful, Senator David Mark, saying he  (David Mark does not deserve the support of Nigerian’s for the presidency. Much as any sane observer would have merely scorned this very misguided statement and flipped same to the litters where it properly deserves due mainly to its lame content and its already flatly defeated feeble attempt to deliberately smear on the personality and public conduct of Distinguished Senator David Mark, especially as regards the killings of Agatu people by herdsmen .

One however finds it rather compelling to react here, not necessarily on account of this misplaced and unguided statement, but largely on the onus of obligation that lies with the Senator as a committed representative to persistently avail his teeming followers and constituents some of the very salient facts in regards to his excellent personality, productive ideals, conducts and the very noble precedence which he had over the years carved on the political history of this nation Nigeria. A duty he at least owes to his constituents and fellow Nigerians as part of his social contract with them. This reaction is more so prompted on the need to inform some ignorant crop of individuals who may be too hasty to bizarrely conclude about Senator David Mark antecedents and selfless feats, this response indeed suffice.

That Senator David Mark is and remains an active robust persona in the Red Chambers of the Nigerian Parliament and widely acknowledged so is no longer in doubt. His tract record of effective representation and purposeful leadership drive manifestly stares in full form of veritable Bills sponsored, philanthropic acts, lobby for Federal presence to entrench infrastructure not just in his jurisdiction but the entire Nigeria. His concerted efforts at enabling appointments for Benue indigenes at both public and private sector organizations as well as his passionate goal of granting scholarship to the schooling segment coupled with the meticulous ways he had molded and mentored the middle class segment to be economically, politically, socially stable only adds credence to the fact that the Okpokpowolu  1 of the idoma nation has indeed carved his niche on the nation’s political space and indeed remains active and practical in administering the business of sound representation and effective law making. This feat alone obviously make him standout . Perhaps DANIEL Onjeh misguided and malicious statement was too hasty to accomplish his most ignoble mission so became beclouded in his sense of taste and balanced judgment and with his jaundiced view point failed to see the obvious, but rather needlessly decimated his mental energy on a worthless cause. It could equally have been more gratifying if he Dan Onjeh  in his statement has stated how Senator David Mark in his robust nature had made very consistent and valuable contributions to  the people of Agatu during the Herdsmen killings in that region. 

We urge David Mark never to be deterred in his pursuit to strengthen democratic norms and principles in our creeping democracy, but standing courageously against oppression and terror. You have shown yourself that you are a leader on whom Nigeria’s hope for tomorrow can be assured. Yes, his oppressor seeks to silence him forever but, he remains ever more resolute and committed. We know that history has never failed to give every traitor a rejoinder of his treachery. We challenge Dan Ojeh to go on flooding the arena of public discourse with his engineered falsehoods about David Mark and we will meet them with the truth of our convictions about him. We know we would always win. Truth is on our side. Impious cant and rhetorical embroidery of falsehood cannot save the scoundrel blackmailer today anymore. The hall of infamy is waiting for him. Posterity and history are watching and recording his judgments. We the people of  Nigeria and Zone C will always stand by David MARK wherever he stands  and he will invariably stand out.

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