Heealthy team’s “Communication to the Patients” makes Health travel to India transparent for Nigerians. 

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Heealthy team never assumes that the patient actually understood everything that was said, not everyone has the ability to read well, understand and appropriately use medical guidelines, even if considered simple. Although more common in the simplest social classes, this type of problem can occur at any age, race, social status or education.

Heealthy team aims to reduce errors and costs due to the low effectiveness of communication between patients and healthcare professionals, notes that people who have a low level of understanding of the terminology used in health, have the following problems.
•  Are less likely to cooperate with the prescribed treatment when they are at their own care;

•  Do not seek preventive care, more than doubling the risk of hospitalization;

•  They are hospitalized about two days longer than adults with the same or greater degree of understanding;

•  They need extra care that result in an additional cost to the health system and can be up to four times costlier than a person with greater understanding.
Despite a study showing that the system had disappointing findings with patients participating in the Teach Back program, the problems cited above by Heealthy are real.

Among the public of health institutions many can use devices and special equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs and artificial limbs while others use hearing aids or otherwise that make its life easier every day. It is not uncommon the loss of these items while in hospital, Heealthy team makes sure the care and refurbishment needed when using regular devices mainly those necessary to have an effective communication while hospitalized.

Since the early stage of the treatment Heealthy staff informs the patient their rights, including the right to accept or refuse certain medical treatment. At any time of the treatment the staff checks where and when the patient needs more assistance and how it can affect the treatment, communicating the need to the rest of the team. Finally, the time of hospitalization does not need to be traumatic and can be relieved with the introduction of complementary and differentiated services when noticed by the practitioner. Although it is not the primary purpose of the hospitalization, Heealthy team makes sure the treatment will have a new perspective with special attention from the hospital team and making the stay as comfortable as possible. Heealthy food supply team makes it even more enjoyable, or at least not so bad, by offering menus with different dishes making the meal a pleasurable moment, offering extras such as fruits, amenities such as personal hygiene sets of famous brands, sandals, pajamas, among other items.

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