​Senate Gives 5 Conditions For Peace With President Buhari (Read)

Written by PeterPiper

The Senate has reacted to the setting up of a committee by the Federal Executive Council to settle the rift between it and the National Assembly with five conditions that must be met for peace to reign.

1. For peace to prevail between the presidency and the senate, the trial of the senate president, Bukola Saraki should be discontinued forthwith.

“The trial of Saraki is central to the crisis because it is believed that they came up with it because he ‘violated’ the interest of the presidency and the party (APC) to emerge the senate president. If his trial is stopped, there would be peace,’’.

2. A camp in the presidency is using the senate against another. This is the second issue that must be addressed for peace to reign. Buhari should dissolve the camp, otherwise no serious progress would be made.

3. The head of government agencies including ministers must be made to respect senate resolutions. “If a resolution is passed, the executive doesn’t respect it, there is general contempt against us. This must stop”.

4. The president must be talking to the party for it to be talking to caucus. If the president is bringing anything to the senate, the party should be involved.

5. The fifth one is that there is no personal communication between the senators and the president. There is need for this

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