Edache Daniels – Wuru Wuru

Written by PeterPiper

After the Viral Growth of #Ancient_Stones the debut album By #Edache_Daniel’s in 2015 which made him the Gifts of several hit songs like (Dusty crawl + Cosigned Dairies )which was well received on the mainstream network and con temporary listener’s of Gospel Music/Inspirational/Motivational songs.

Words,gossips, radios have spoken #Edache_Daniels as a rare genre which is said or known by his popular acclaimed testimoney as the Last of a dying breed of Art,poetry, mix-breed of Theology & philosophy.

Looking to duplicate or Multiply the success of his Debut album in the Urban Gospel scenery.

#Edache_Daniels decides to roll out with his first single *Wuru-Wuru* from his highly anticipated mix tape #The_Son_of_Ibrahim.

This radio assisted commercial single produced by *Rhemarz* + Mixed & Mastered *YungPee-Studios* presumably see’s life into the 2nd studio album which in due respect & acceptance later out this year.

This are the reflection of myself IN this songs


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