Do Guys Cry After Being Dumped?

Wow… they say “real men don’t cry” but how true is that?

Well not like the “Ah HUH, ah HUH, ah HUH! UHHH”! type of crying any way…or like doing even that in a mall full of people.

Why should a guy cry after been dumped by his miss?

Is she GOLD that he has to cry?

Is she the most beautiful woman on the planet huh? etc…

These are questions clueless people, friends and possibly family pals would be asking a guy when dumped. I call them clue-less because they’re
completely ignorant of the moments, emotions, and love you probably have shared with your miss.

Real men cry after been dumped, but the difference is “they do it for the right reasons”

They cry because they’ve conscience. Because they still acknowledges the dozens of good moments shared while in the relationship. Because they’re not too proud to accept the fact that it hurts to have their baby-girl say goodbye. They do it because they care about their outgoing miss. Because when you truly really…really love someone, you misses them when they say goodbye, and if it means crying SO….?

Personally I don’t see anything wrong when you do things for the right reasons. And it’s cool to have people ask too many questions in such
situation but the truth is, until you acknowledge that it hurts to let go of someone you truly love, you will have hard time getting over it.

It doesn’t make you weak, it only makes you appear real.

But you don’t have to be a baby about it.

So … how many guys still cry after been dumped?

Lie about it… please.

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