Guys Don’t Like Dating ‘born-Again’ Ladies: Why

I was talking to a male friend about his single status and the moment I mentioned to him to get a lady from church to which he replied, “Church girls don’t think past the front and back pages of their bible, they hardly follow what’s in it, or they twist the who things inside the bible upside down”

I am posting this because of some sisters who give Christianity a bad name whether consciously or unconsciously. This is not to condemn or criticize anyone (before some take it personal instead of analyzing the message). Seem a lot of ‘born again’ Christian sisters who are not married when they are almost at menopause age tend to make people ask, “Which kain God she dey serve sef” or, “Why she no marry Jesus and Get ‘holy Belle’ like Mary mother of Jesus did” – not that one’s life should be shaped by what people say or think

* Born Again Ladies Have Serious Attitude Problem: To them, ‘church and their bible are their ticket to marriage’. They are only concerned about not being slept with than their attitude. Bluntly put, non-church girls seem ‘sweeter’ in character in comparison. Even if they are chopping your money, you won’t even feel it until when it’s over (not encouraging chopping the money babes ooo). People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. Nothing can stop the (wo)man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the (wo)man with the wrong mental attitude.

* Oh God, Their mode of Dressing Is Horrible! We know you are trying to be modest, or you don’t wear trousers or you have to cover your hair, but please are there no better skirts in the market than the ones your mum who is twice your size dashed you? Then the ones that manage to do ‘make up’ just blow it out of proportion. What’s with heavily black lined lips? And odd color eye shadows? Even Sarah in the bible was fair to look upon, Are you Jezebel or Sarah?

* They Do Not Know How To Carry On Intelligent Conversations Outside The Bible And Church: How can you engage in intelligent conversation when you try to block away all socially relevant information apart from bible passages and your books? When you ask, do you own a Blackberry? She replies ‘No!! You ask why? She replies, ‘my pastor said it’s the devil’s tool to destroy mankind”. Tell your pastor he shouldn’t put his programs on the TV or Radio or expect us to download any of his messages with our Blackberry’ #Lobatan!

* Born Again Ladies Are Easy To Bed, And Not Even Daring! You think it’s untrue, ask some of the ‘player’ guys who have had experiences in this regard. It takes only Mr. Biggs and Chicken Republic, then follow them to their church twice and three times, cram something their Pastor has said, she’ll follow you home, put on some cool love songs, and gbam, it’s on! The non-church girls will even push, stretch, relentless ‘toasted’ and twist a guy to the limit so hard, the guy will want to keep seeing her and wanting to do more without even sleeping with her, well at first. A guy wants an intelligent, daring wife, though she has to be submissive but church girls don’t even put up that challenge, most of them though

*They Can So Backbite: A lot of Christian sisters engage in running down other church meters and even Christian brother. Usually monitoring and assessing other’s morality, Christian lives and so on and gossiping among themselves without first checking the specks in their own eyes; “Brother John only has one trouser with rat-chopped’ shoes”, “Sister Mary thinks she is too fine and dress to seduce men”.

* Born Again Ladies Always Wait For The God In Their Pastor To Find Their Husband For Them: I still don’t understand how a Christian believer would believe God is omnipresent, if the only God she believes in is in her pastor, doesn’t she have God? So many Christian sisters are toooo busy with God’s work and so would trust their pastors to find husbands for them with poor dress sense and lack of decent social interaction then when they are in their late 30s or 40s, they will be all up over you, even trying to date young guys, and tell you Age is not a barrier in the bible, what happened to God’s work, you were trying to do.

* Most Live in A Fairytale: They just want everything to work how and when they want it to. I am not referring to lack of having faith and all but when just set some unrealistic standards that they themselves fall short of. For example, wanting a rich man for husband is not a bad dream but when brother Tony who is obviously a struggling but hard working and ambitious young man come along and you ‘reject poverty’ offer, then you better wait for President Jonathan to divorce his Patience Dame

As Christian ladies, have we become so religious that we have lost character? I have met some born again Christian sisters who don’t carry the toga of born again about, that you would find it so hard to believe they are born again in the first place (you know people have a pre-defined mindset of how born again sister look and behave and will be surprised that they are virgins till their wedding nights)

It’s a thing of grace, pride and greatness be born again, speaking in tongue, spirit filled and baptized but socially on point!

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