How To Stop Your Man From Cheating

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Keeping a man faithful is not as difficult as it may appear at first. For starters, most of them want to be true to their spouses, but for that extra boost to ensure fidelity, try these steps. 

  • Respect him as you would want him to respect you 
  • Remind him from time to time why he’s your man. In other words, take the time to make him feel special as if he’s the only one in your life. Tell him how handsome he is every now and then. 
  • Validate your man on a daily basis. Whether he works outside of the house, is currently unemployed or a stay-at-home Dad, (if you’re married) your man still needs to feel like a man. You know he is, make sure he knows it as well. 
  • Appreciate all the things he does for you. It doesn’t matter whether those things are big or small, they are worth, at the least, a thank you. 
  • Spice things up every once in a while. Tell him your fantasies, listen to his. Don’t be afraid to initiate romance. 
  • Live, Love and Laugh.Laugh often with him, not at him. Tell him a joke that you think he might like or clip out comics from the newspaper and place them on the fridge, send text or e-mail messages. 
  • Listen first, and then talk. Let him finish what he has to say before you interrupt. Ask questions if you’re not sure about what he said. Do not go with the general notion; all women are nags. Make a difference. Listen more, talk less. 
  • Be his biggest supporter!Men don’t like to admit it, but they need reassurances as well. Showing him that you support him and are there with him through day to day struggles will help to ensure that he doesn’t have a need for someone else to fill that need. 
  • Don’t lose your own self respect. Stop blaming him for everything and understand that some things are beyond your or his control. 
  • Feed him. Men love when a woman cooks for them like mum does. You don’t have to cook exactly like her but, it’s the action that counts. Women claim men are dogs but remember if you feed a dog he will never leave home!!! 
  • Hold and Cuddle your man, his day can be just as bad as your day. Remember they are big kids and when they got upset when they were younger, mums held them close. 
  • When leaving him alone make sure he has everything needed.Remember you are already dressed and ready to go and he is capable of getting those things. It also shows you care about his needs or wants as well. 
  • Don’t ever baby him. He will pull away from you. He needs to feel like he’s the provider. If you’re married, take the family budget to give him what he likes. It’s the effort that counts. 
  • Work on yourself. Learn to appear neat and appealing to tour man at all times. Take your time to get those kinky and S3xy undies, night wears and dressing that will make him want you more. 

Remember, if a man has all he needs in a woman, he will never go looking for another. Be everything your man wants.

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