Benue Civil Servants Shun Offices Over Six Months Salary Arrears

1. Stay in Shape
Lose those belly fats and stay in shape.

2. Lay off Body Modification

3. Make Your Own Money
Responsibility is the new S3xy, be one!

4. Be Feminine
“Men want WOMEN, not men with Vag!nas”.

5. Be Submissive
Be respectful.

6. Be decent
Who told you men don’t cherish virgins. You dictate the tone of the relationship.

7. Be Intelligent
Go ahead and get a certificate from college. That’s cute.

8. Be Childfree

9. Be Willing to cook
Men are incapable of doing basic tasks for themselves. They need a lady who can care for them like a nurse at a retirement home. All men. Yup. They are all the same.

10. Put Down the Phone
Only women have cell phone addictions. GOD, what a turn off. When a man is on his phone it is for business and sports only. Sports are business. No men have Candy Crush addictions. I’ve never seen a man on his phone in a public place. Nope, only women have this DISEASE.

11. Ease Up on the Makeup
Remember #2: Look perfect naturally!

12. Stop Cursing
It’s so unattractive when women won’t stop Fvcking swearing. Seriously.

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