Popular Singer and Social media Influencer Israel Achichi survives brutal attack by the AEPB (Photo)

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Singer, Presenter, Model and a social media guru per excellence Israel Achichi popularly known by his stage name “Archi” is also a human right activist based in Abuja Nigeria. He survived a brutal attack by men of the joint tax force and Abuja Environmental board. 

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Men of the joint tax force and Abuja environmental board yesterday attacked Israel Achichi and Another popular music artist in Nigeria after he recorded them brutalizing an Okada man around next cash and carry. 

According to an eyewitness, the Okada man was kicked off the bike and crashed onto the blade burglary of Next cash and carry’s fence, the blade tore the Okada man’s head wide open and blood was gushing out like an opened tap, On sighting the situation, Israel quickly ran towards the man and asked that he was taken to the hospital but the man ignored Israel and went for the Okada man’s Bike, Israel held the bike and asked that the man be taken to the hospital but five other men on tshirt another man on brown camouflage came and started beating Israel, he quickly moved away and brought his phone out to record the situation but the men increased to seven and overpowered him, they pounced on him, kicking him on the genitals and punching him on the ribs severally to collect his phone, on sighting his driver, Israel gave up the phone to the driver who was also beaten up with one of the force on brown camouflage tearing his pocket to forcefully take the phone. 

Israel was latter taken to the hospital after being brutalized again in the VIO/AEPB’s office in wuye where he went to ask for his phone. Israel sustained several Injuries including a fractured rib which the doctors said will take six weeks to heal.

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