Police arrest Identical twins for robbery, burglary [photos]

A set of twins, Taiye and Kehinde Balogun, (pictured above) have been arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Lagos for robbing a factory belonging to Reckitt Benckiser, Punch reports.
Police authorities said the brothers, who were welders, were hired by a robbery gang to break into the company’s warehouse in May last year. The robbery gang robbed the company of soap, noodles and chemicals worth N17million. 

They were arrested, after much investigation, in February 2014. How sad for their parents. Continue.

After their arrest, the 27 year old twins claimed that they were not aware that they were being hired for a robbery operation.
Kehinde said;
“Around May last year, we were called by one guy known as Yankee who lives near our workshop in Agbara. He took us to meet one Deji. Deji claimed to be a storekeeper at the factory, saying he had misplaced his key. He took us to the warehouse and said we should break the locks open. After breaking the locks, they told us to help them load the chemicals into some trucks. They said they were under instructions to transfer the cartons to another warehouse. After helping them load the goods, we were given N10,000 each.”
But the police do not believe their story. They insist that the twins were aware that it was a robbery operation. Plus other suspects arrested along with the twins said the twins had been informed of the operation beforehand.

Source: Punch

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