Photos: Nigerian Gaey activists protest at Nigerian Embassy, London

PRO Gaey activists under the umbrella body of LGBTI (Members of the Lesb!ans, Gaeys, BiS3xuals, TransS3xuals and Inter-S3x) in the Diaspora held a peaceful rally yesterday February 20th outside the Nigerian High Commission, London, to protest the Same S3x Marriage Prohibition Act signed into law by President Jonathan.

The coordinator of the protest Davis Mac-Iyalla said he knows a few Nigerian leaders who are Gaeys and Lesb!ans “I know at least seven in both the Senate and House of Reps. They are in the minority and it will be wrong of me to mention their names, but they are there”

Some of the H0moS3xual men even kissed in front of the embassy during the protest. Lol. See more photos Below.


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