Naija @55: See what Adaji Owoicho Victor a Patriotic Nigerian wrote to Nigeria on this Great day [Must Read]‎

On that hill 55 years ago, the declaration of independence was signed, our chains loose and our journey began. Rising through the ranks even in the face of acute corrupt administrations, self centred administrators and a people with little dreams to become the giant of Africa and the most populous black nation on the planet is something we should emblazon.

Bloods of our heroes past watered the pathway upon which we have traversed to this height, men who fought despite seeing how inevitable death was, men with a unique specie of national consciousness and with a heart that knew no fear, men with a beautiful picture of what the future holds in store. How well have we materialized those dreams that gushed out the bullet wounds of our heroes? How well have we justified those screams they threw up before their last breath? Most worryingly, those that should lead the march to the crossroad where we shall then take the part to greatness are the once we continue to babysit. Albeit, am filled with a high degree of optimism, I still see a Nigeria that justice will get a permanent accommodation on the streets, in our offices and even at the helm. Where political office holders will become responsible for all their actions and the common Nigerian will have a fair hearing. Let’s join our hands and cleans the worms that have eaten deep into fabric of our nation’s development, let’s look beyond regional, religious and political differences and embrace the spirit of brotherhood, without which our promised land will remain largely unattainable. Every Nigerian must recognize that he holds the key to the Nigeria of our dreams, that same Nigeria that our heroes past gracefully offered their heads in exchange for.

Happy Independence, Nigeria is 55.

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