Benue Politicians are Very Wicked, Read the Sad Story of how Benue Students were Stranded in Abuja for Two Days‎

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National Union of Benue State Student (NUBESS) Exco Stranded In Abuja:

The entire Exco members of the National Union of Benue State Students (NUBESS) are stranded in the Abuja home of the Senator representing Benue East senatorial district in the National Assembly.

The students chartered a Benue Link mass transit Bus in Makurdi and travelled all the way to Abuja on Sunday, 8th November to see Senator George Akume, their grand patron.

On arriving at the Abuja home of Distinguished Senator George Akume in Abuja, he refused to see them even though he is the grand patron of the union. The sad part of it was that the students sent him a letter about their planned visit, though I cannot categorically say if he acknowledged receipt of their letter.

While they were waiting at the gate of Senator George Akume’s house, VIPs from Benue state kept on going in and coming out of the house but the students were not allowed to enter inside the compound.

At a point, Mrs Regina Akume, the wife of Senator Akume came out and blasted them saying her husband is not father Christmas. She said because her husband is a quiet person that is why they are taking advantage of him. She then asked them if they can go to Senator Barnabas Gemade’s house or any other prominent Benue son or daughter’s house with such a crowd in the name of NUBESS at this time of the night? She told them to go and look for where to sleep and go back to Makurdi first thing tomorrow morning. Thereafter she walked out on them and banged the gate in their faces.

Shortly after she left, the former General Manager (GM) of Benue Links Transport Coy, who is now a Commissioner in Benue state, Engr. Manger came outside and assured them that he will get accomodation for them to sleep this night.

The NUBESS Team left then left for the home of Dr. Paul Ohii the DG of NAFDAC to solicit for fund for the upcoming NUBESS week but met another disappointment when they learnt he traveled to London for an official engagement.

They then went to Apo to see Senator David Mark who they had previously sent an invitation letter for the forthcoming NUBESS WEEK, but were told he was not in town.

At this juncture, they retired to a cheap hotel where Engr. Manger had booked a room for them to spend the night. The THIRTEEN (13) of them slept in ONE room! Chaiiii!!!!

On Monday morning when they woke up, they took turn to have their bath and thereafter checked out of the hotel.

Their next port of call was the National Assembly complex where they were prevented from gaining access. At a point, the security personnel at the gate allowed the ONLY the President to go in and see Honorable (?) Herman Hembe representing Vandekiya/Konshisha Federal Constituency. However, when the House Committee Chairmen on F.C.T who nurses an ambition to become the next Governor of Benue state in 2023 got news that the President of NUBESS was on his way to deliver an invitation letter to him, he used an emergeny exit in the building and bolted out of the National Assembly complex like a RAT with his tail nicely tucked in between his legs. That’s his usual nature, so no surprises here. NUBESS if you like vote for him in 2023, na una go here gwueeen, not me!

After their disappointing outing at the National Assembly, they visited Honorable (?) Oker Jev the DISHONORABLE member representing Buruku/Gboko federal constituency. Instead of providing them succor, he chastised them with scorpions and told them that he didn’t send for them to come to Abuja, so he cannot assure or guarantee them help in anyway.

Their next port of call was the home of Hon.D!ckson Tarkigh the DISHONORABLE member representing Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency. He asked them to drop their phone numbers with his Legislative aide for further action, (Whatever that means).

After roaming aimlessly around Abuja from one Benue politician to another, on Day 2 of their sojourn to Abuja in the quest for their own share of the National cake, they finally retired to the accommodation provided for them previously by Engr Manger where 13 of them plan to pass the night for another night and continue their travail tomorrow.
An incredible story to say the least but its real! These are the travails of 13 Benue youth who abandoned their studies back home in Makurdi to beg for handouts from Benue politicians in Abuja.

These politicians are mean! As I type this from where I am seated at the Capital Bar sipping my shekpe and listening to Karaoke, I just sighted one of the DISHONORABLE Benue politician hobnobbing with a daughter of Jezebel, young enough to be his daughter. These are the wicked people Benue state is plagued with as elders. They speak well on the pages of Newspaper and local TV station in Benue, but when you encounter them in real life they are a totally different breed of Orangutan. I was fortunate to deal ruthlessly with one of them recently. Someone introduced me to a DISHONORABLE member of the Benue State House of Assembly at a lounge in Abuja and he offered to buy me a drink. I simply asked the waiter to bring me a bottle of Remy Martins XO. When they brought the bill, he called the waiter to cross check the price of the RM XO. He thought it was N5,000. The Barman told him, NO SIR, it is N50,000!



Watch out for Part 2.

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