3-year Jail Term To Anyone Cought Smoking In Public – Fashola

Dear smokers who live in Lagos state, governor Fashola has signed the no Smoking in Public Places Bill into law. It means it is now illegal to light your cigarettes in public places e.g public toilets,
museums,nurseries, any facility used for the care of children etc.
According to the law, people who smoke in public places will risk a 3-year jail term. Owners of establishments must also put a ‘No Smoking’ sign around their property or face 6 months imprisonment or N100,000 fine.
Corporate organizations that don’t place the ‘No Smoking’ sign within its premises, would be liable to N250, 000 fine.
The best part is, anyone who smokes in the presence of a child shall be liable on conviction to a fine of N15, 000 or 1 month imprisonment. So for the guys who can’t deal without smoking, you better start adjusting…
Eko Oni Baje ooooooo!

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