Etcetera Writes On “Bad Social Media Manner”

You’re driving down town and find yourself stuck behind someone going 15 mph below the speed limit. What’s your first thought? That guy needs to get off his cell phone!
You walk through an airport concourse and notice a man pacing back and forth, laughing out loud in a voice that bounces off the walls 30 yards away while he chats on his cell phone. You think, That’s why they have cell phones restrictions on flight.

Remember those days when you could go to a movie—or to church—and not worry about being distracted by ringing phones or by the white glow of someone texting a friend? Remember when meetings at work weren’t interrupted by phone calls or messages that people just had to accept or reply?
Nearly all divorces especially within the entertainment industry are as a result of bad social media manners. You can’t blame facebook for your divorce. All it does is exploit the cracks that are already in your relationship.
Here are some things that suggest you have bad social media manners:
1. Posting your wristwatch collections on facebook or instagram and lying about their worth.
2. When you feel it is really that important to facebook or instagram your amala or jollof rice for the world to take you more seriously.
3. When you don’t know that posting how your wife annoyed you on facebook is like putting it on the billboard at Allen avenue roundabout.
4. When you are so obsessed over your looks on Instagram that you forget how you look in reality.
5. Spreading your dirty laundry all over social media and getting carried away with the meaningless approval of strangers online.
6. When you keep posting things that can be misinterpreted and get mad when you are called a B!tch or Pr0stitute.
7. When you talk more about your relationships on facebook than you do face-to-face with the person you are actually in a relationship with.
8. Carrying your phone with you everywhere you go. The bathroom, the toilet, even in bed you keep moving if from on hand to the other like the staff of the Oba of Benin.
9. When you are ruining intimacy with your spouse because your phones keep beeping with alerts, notifications and reminders, and you replaced that deep-felt, long conversation you should be having with your spouse with the non-urgent, shallow tasks of retweeting fun tweets, updating your facebook status every minute.
10. You keep liking pictures of your exes on instagram or tagging them to all your pictures on facebook.
11. When you replace the simple conversations you should have with your spouse with endless scrolling through social media in search of funny images and videos.
12. When you become that selfish, nonempathetic individual who is only worried about how many likes your instagram pictures received, or how many retweets you get.
13. When you allow the small, precious moments of your relationship slip away because you are too focused on reading all your messages and you always get irritated or unreasonably anxious when asked to put the phone away even for 5 minutes.
14. When all your post on instagram carries hashtags of #No-filters, #Naturally-me, #Haters-go-to-hell, #Kill-yourself, #Simply-me, #Na-God, #Fashionista-of-life.
15. When someone posted the picture of the container that fell from the bride at Ojuelegba on facebook and you clicked “like”, do you like the fact that the container fell and killed people or you like the crushed cars in the picture?

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