The Ugly Self Promotion Of An Upstart, By James Oche

Daniel Onjeh- the ugly self promotion of an upstart
To be ambitious is good, but to be driven by inordinate and vaulting ambition is dangerous and often pushes a feckless man to try to ride the back of a tiger. And there is only one thing that happens to a man who is bold enough or foolish enough to try to ride a tiger- he often ends up in the belly of the tiger.
This is the fate that awaits a political greenhorn in Benue Zone C whose only claim to fame is his fortuitous rise in university politics on the back of the man he now challenges and deludes himself he can replace at the Senate.
Daniel Onjeh, former area boy, former tout, ex hoodlum, ex this, ex that in the underworld and with nothing to his name, nothing in his CV, no evidence of community social responsibility, zero achievements in his forty something odd years of existence in a fit of inexplicable cheek has decided to aspire to the seat currently occupied by his own benefactor and the No 3 man of Africa’s most populous nation.
It beats the imagination of many sensible people how the little brat from Orokam came about this decision. Did he sleep and see himself as a Senator in a vision? Did God speak to him? Did he consult a seer or marabout who goaded him onto this path? Or was this decision just a flight of fancy triggered by substance abuse- probably overdose of Trimol and Bennylin?
Many know that the true measure of a sensible man is having the ability, at every point in his life, to pause and take stock of his progress, analyze his existence, identify his station in life and know where to place himself properly within the comity of men.
So waking up and deciding to punch above your weight for many a man is a quest they don’t bother indulging in, no matter the short term benefits of the heady effects of such braggadocio. No matter the benefits that may accrue with being called a former Senatorial aspirant, it beggars belief to think that such an inconsequential fellow will be the one to have the temerity to try to bust the bubble cart of the Idoma Nation.
It is good for a sporting personality, say a footballer to aspire to be a Messi or a CRonaldo, and it is even reasonable for decent footballer like Ibrahimovic or a Suarez to claim to be their equal or peer, but isn’t it outright insanity for an academy player, still learning the ropes to try to say he deserves the Balon D’or? The highest footballing prize in the land?
Or worse, a rookie player plying his trade in the backstreets of a local community claiming to want to topple Messi at that matrrial time?
This is the exact scenario that confronts the Benue South Senatorial zone as this rookie politician who goes by the name, Daniel Onjeh, riding on the tide of borrowed money has decided to challenge the incumbent, Senator David Mark. It is actually heresy to try to mention the name of the Senate President with this unknown quantity in one breathe, in the same sentence, much less say they are squaring up in a contest of any sort, but then this is the beauty of democracy- it pits strange bed fellows together. 
The entire Senatorial Zone, consisting of more than half a million registered voters have watched this ugly self promotion of this upstart with amusement as his tragi-comedy wobbles on.
His bid is tragic because it will end up further impoverishing this ill advised young man who should have used what little resources he has been able to muster to develop himself, and ready himself for leadership challenges tomorrow.
Many have been second guessing his true motives. What really does this upstart want? He must be looking for ‘chop money’. Ofcourse everyone knows he is aware that he cannot reach the Senate, even if David Mark was not the incumbent. In the natural order Idoma political hierarchy, there are many other young Idoma politicians of Onjeh’s station who have been readying themselves for leadership learning the right ropes.
Many have offered themselves to their communities at the grassroots level to better understand the prevailing problems as councilors, local government chairmen and as house of assembly members.
This is the natural course of evolution of many of these promising young politicians and indeed, many of them are serving their communities effectively while the Idoma nation is also following their progress keenly.
So, for Onjeh, with a finger on fast forward and heading exactly nowhere to decide to go on a N3m ego trip- the cost of a senatorial nomination form in APC for feel good reasons is actually galling.
Without money to even fuel his campaign vehicles, he decided on an ill advised and poorly organized fund raiser in Abuja where no one came because he has no political associates. No Idoma man of substance honored his invitation as the entire Idoma Nation has already blacklisted and ostracized him. His own party also distanced themselves from the event as no notable opposition politician came.
Daniel Onjeh’s quest for Senate isn’t annoying because he is so lightweight or because he is so inexperienced and even without a vision, it is annoying because he is trying to torpedo what little progress the Idoma Nation has made under the leadership of Mark since the advent of our democracy.
Never since the creation of the State has the Idoma witnessed the level of empowerment and development as it is presently enjoying, from employment, political recognition to allocation of resources and filial unity. So, for this rookie to spring from nowhere to say he wants halt this Idoma renaissance is not only uncharitable, it is outrightly laughable.
It is the inalienable right of every citizen of Nigeria to contest any position he so wishes, so long as he meets all constitutional requirements but to try to do so for selfish reasons against the collective good of the people is what disturbs a few who have bothered with the presence of this neophyte.
Like all ambitious but directionless men, this quest of Onjeh will soon end in the dustbin of history. Writing about him only promotes his baseless cause and embarrasses our leader even more. 
The entire Zone C knows this and so does Benue as a whole. This was succinctly captured in the words of the Executive Governor of Benue State at the Benue Zone C Gubernatorial flag off in Otukpo when he said, ‘We learnt that the APC found no Idoma son note worthy to contest the Senate Seat with David Mark, so they had to go and get a hoodlum to come and stand against our leader.’
This statement, clearly summarizes the feelings of allBenue South Senatorial residents, but for the sake of uninformed outsiders who have been following the elections as it pertains to the key actors at the Federal level, one of whom is the President of the Senate, we decided to put this down for the sake of posterity.
Comrade James Oche
National coordinator  Door2Door for Mark 2015

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