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CAMPUS GIST: Benue State University [BSU] Students protest against ASUU strike [photos]

It was a controversial and heated day in Benue State University [BSU] as students went all out protesting hours after the news of the ASUU strike, most especially the final years students. 

It all went crazy today after exams where meant to begin this morning, quite alright, morning papers help as scheduled but after a brief meeting between the staffs  and ASUU members, News broke out that the school has gone and strike and afternoon papers scheduled to take place by 1pm did not hold as staffs and lecturers did not turn up. 
This infuriated the students writing exams and students on campus leading to a massive protest round the school although it was a peaceful one as properties were not destroyed…. 
As at now they are rumors around the school that the strike was called off immediately (Not Yet Confirmed).
After the protest as the school wanted avoiding a Repeat of what happened in 2012 after a student was killed. 
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